Obesity is Rising in Singapore – How to Battle against Weight gain?

People in Singapore are starting to realize the importance of fighting against obesity, because it can be quite damaging to your health and quality of life. The steps like One Million Kg challenge are doing great, and apart from benefiting the people who are participating in this challenge, such programs can really help by raising the awareness. In the first go, almost 80,000 people took part.

Weight loss Programs

One Kg challenge is an incentive based program by Health Promotion Board of Singapore. People who fall between the BMI range of 18.5 to 37.4 can participate. The participants need to complete certain activities to move to the next level. The activities are quite fun, for example Mall Aerobics, iRun, Sunrise in the city, Sundays @ the park, and so on.

If you look closely at these activities, we can see that all of these activities actually signify the importance of physical, outdoor activity. In addition to that, it also indicates that physical activity can be quite fun, and you don’t really need to join some fancy gyms or take some rigorous programs to start dealing with your weight gain problem. The program rewards the participants with freebies and different prizes.

The obesity rate in Singapore is rising, it climbed to an alarming 11 percent as compared to 7 percent just ten years ago. And while government and different authorities are taking good steps, the greatest responsibility lies with the people in Singapore.

Obesity is not something for governments to manage. People need to understand that obesity leads to serious complications and badly affects the quality of life. So they must take action before it’s too late. You can’t just let all that fat and weight to keep piling up. The sooner you can realize and do something about shedding off those extra pounds the better.

Recently a research warned that if the current trend continues, by 2050 almost 1 out of every six people might be obese, which is alarming to say the least.

Here’s how you can play your part to save yourself, your friend and family members from obesity.

What you should do?

Eat healthy, natural, and wholesome food. Dietary supplements are not an alternative to natural food. You can’t eat all sorts of junk food, take a couple of pills, and carry on.

Parents and elders must promote the healthy diet culture at home. They should eat healthy and encourage their children to eat healthy food.

Physical activity like outdoor sport, morning walk, dance or aerobic classes, jogging, and swimming are all extremely good for your healthy. Include some of these activities in your daily routine with your friends or family members, and you will definitely enjoy more than having an online repartee.